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Every time you search for a tool to use on your Apple device, you keep noticing that there are apps. However, if you are not used to spending hours in the app market until every application appears on your search bar, you can use a simple online application that you can bookmark when you have a deadline that you need to meet. You can also use this online application to keep yourself focused on whatever it is you need to time. Whether you’re a scientist, an engineer, an athlete or you compete in timed competitions, this online stopwatch will satisfy your needs with just a tap on your screen.

If you’re still not convinced, you may notice that the iPad is big compared to other devices and this is a good thing for you if you already own one. However, when you host a competition, time rounds for boxing matches, or just want to time an athlete so that everyone can see the time, this application is the best. There is no loading time from the application and there is also no waiting time because the website is just a stopwatch, without ads or other links that may distract you from what you really want. So if you’re still not convinced, you can compare applications versus the online website to see which one works best. You can access the website from your computer as well to check out the features.

You can pause time, you can reset your stopwatch and you can keep going after pausing it. This is great for lab experiments at college or for your job. If you have a special family activity or competing with your friends, all you need to do is set the stop watch and start competing. It works for moms who want to look at the time when they’re cooking dinner and want to take care of the kids at the same time. It even works to time how much time has gone since you dyed your hair, painted your nails or have done chores. It is a way to keep yourself working in the midst of final exams, deadlines and multitasking. You may not need a stopwatch of these proportions, but it is handy to have them for special occasions.

Apart from the stopwatch features, you can also try out the countdown application from the same website. Whether it’s for a concert, a store opening, New Years or just Christmas, this application is one of the best because of its proportions and clarity. If you want to share the app on Facebook, just like it from the page and you can tell your friends how great it is. You can also share this app on Facebook, Twitter, Hotmail, Reddit, Gmail, Blogger, StumbleUpon or print it out for others to see your average times while swimming, running, jogging or doing Rubik’s Cube for Youtube videos. The possibilities are just endless and you would think that this app is too simple.

Best of all, you do not need to pay for this service because the app will always be there when you open the page. There are no sign-ups, no information give outs, no hidden fees and, best of all, you’re browsing securely. Your apps can easily get lost when you download many, even if you have your shortcuts. With your iPad, it would be as easy as to open Safari, tap on the bookmark and have it instantly. When you forget your regular stopwatch or when you need a stopwatch that everyone can see, open the iPad Online Stopwatch and you’re set!

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