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Young or old we all think about what will happen after we have passed. Any form of a will is essential for any adult with assets and family to leave behind. After is an app just for that.

It seems strange, having an app meant to prepare for after your death, but it’s something people should be considering more and more, especially in the digital age. With after, a person can prepare funeral arrangements, declare your will, talk with your family, and share/prepare documents that your family will need. The app is very unique in its idea of a digital will and testament, right on your phone.

The pros of this app are that you can really get into it and feel a sense of accomplishment that you’re preparing for the future without you. It is a relatively cohesive and understandable interface that can be used for older and younger people easily, something important for an app with this focus. Cell phones and touch-pads nowadays are technology that is incredibly close and personal to every person – like new-age journals – that are more easily found. Having a will and important information on our phones just makes sense, and is a step that hasn’t quite been taken until this app, but is an inevitable one.
The app is not only limited to being essentially a tomb for your future plans to wait, it also can act as a fun time capsule. This is an unexpected but enjoyable side of the app, making it more versatile and nostalgic for the user. With it you can create files of texts, videos, or documents to be remember or remember by. It’s almost movie-like, creating a little video or message for your family after you pass, surely to bring peace and tears to your relatives and loved ones.

There are a few drawbacks to the app – one of which is a paid subscription. The app is an incredible idea, but for younger people the idea of paying a subscription for an unknown amount of time until one passes, is a bit steep. For older generations it makes more sense. Parts of the app are free without subscription however; so despite not subscribing the app still has its worth, but imagining a younger person getting a subscription to prepare for their death that is hopefully far in the future seems unrealistic. Another drawback is a few flaws in the language and grammar of the app. You imagine an app like this to be quite serious and professional, but there are sections with sentences where the grammar and sentence structure is off. This may be due to the app being constructed for a different language, but it is not entirely comforting to put the trust of the future after your death into an app that doesn’t have cohesive sentences. The final real issue was also the waiting time to receive a confirmation email for logging into the app. For myself, it took about an hour. While this is not too long, I had almost forgotten about the app when I received the email, and it is frustrating to wait when trying to set up something so important.

Over all, the app has some work to do, but it is incredibly unique and essential to a future without you. It is very likely apps like this will become more prominent as our connection to technology continues to increase. With a few bug and language fixes, this app will be well worth the subscription.

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