iPlum- Calling To the US from Overseas Made Cheaper and Faster

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The iPhone iplum app is a mobile application designed for consumers of iPhone and IPad. The iplum falls in the category of social networking applications. This new application is compatible with all the versions and models of the iPhone and the IPad. The iplum application was created to target the ever growing large community of iPhone users in the different continents who need to communicate by using voice calls and sending texts. Due to the high cost of making international calls and sending texts, this wonderful iPhone application provides the service of making cheaper calls and sending texts to your contacts to other countries who also have the iplum application on their iPhone. The iplum application is only available to people who have U.S phone numbers and are not living in the United States or are away from the country for some time. This application will be very useful to US citizens who are always travelling out of the country and need to keep in touch with their family and friends for one reason or the other. US citizens who are learning in other countries can also find this application useful when trying to communicate back home. Though the application is not limited to subscribers from the US, anyone in the world can use it. You just need to have a valid US contact number. The calls can be made to any land-line or mobile subscriber in the US.

The text services are very secure with no fear of one losing their personal information. It also has a true-caller feature giving you the privilege to enjoy all the features of the true-caller apps in your iPhone or IPad. The user of the application will therefore have a true-caller id. The calls are of HD and of very high quality. The rates for calling and texts is at 1 US cent per minute, but this only applies if you are calling someone who is not using the iplum application. The application does not use the carrier minutes of the consumer. If you are calling or sending texts to someone who also uses the application in their iPhone or IPad then the calls and the texts are free of charge.

The application is available in English, the universal global language. The application allows owners of the iPhone to make cheaper calls to friends and family via online. By using WiFi or local data connections, one is able to make calls to the various people in their contacts who also use the application and have an iPhone. The application has an offer when one signs up. With each new sign up the new user of the iplum application gets 30 minutes of credits. Signups can be done from any country in the world. The application also allows the user to invite friends and family to use the application in their iPhone and IPad. The application is very professional and does not have any external advertisements on it.

The iplum application offers a free trial version to its consumers. This gives the consumer enough time to familiarize themselves with how the application works, its features and have their questions answered by the support team. If you want to reduce your charges to zero when it comes to communication with people from US then iplum is the new application to sign up for using your iPhone and IPad.

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