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Do you own a site? If yes, then most of the owners are part time bloggers and generally have a regular job as well. While some of them own a site just to share their blogs with everyone while some others take it as a good source of money, whether it is ad sense, pay per click or any other source of income. But after some time, it becomes difficult to continue all this along with your normal working life. Especially in the starting, when you are just building content on your site, it takes a lot of time and the outputs are very small. Also, you have to design your site and monitor it regularly, whether it is working correct or not. This is very frustrating as well as long term. Therefore, the cycle ends soon and you end up closing your site and selling it to someone else. Well, if you are still trying to widen your eyes more to look for a solution, here it is.

Ipsilon Developments is a software development company that provides integral software development service for the web and mobile, to many industries. It is a service provider as well as has some products to offer you. Actually, they monitor your site regularly, minutes after minutes, depending upon the time interval you have chosen and give you notifications regarding any actions to be required. For example, if your site is not working properly or there is any error, they will send you an SMS on the corresponding phone number, no matter where you are in the world. So, you can take over after that to look for a solution. Also, they can check for https too whether it be some money transaction or sending a sensitive email.

Their products include mootools plugin which help you to present your content in a very unique way. It helps you to show more content in a confined space so that you can highlight majority of your content on the front page to make it more effective. You can also customize it very easily whether it is the color, font or size, anything. You can also add comments and descriptions for the images. The second product is WordPress plugin. It helps you to customize your wordpress site with different theme on each page, keeping the original design intact. It is compatible only with wordpress 3.0+ and newer versions.

There are many different packages available for their services. The different packages include no. of sites, no. of https checks and no. of SMS. Emails are available in all accounts and are unlimited. The prices for different packages may vary from $30 to $220 per year. The price seems to be on a higher side. But there is a free account also available which can be considered for the trial as it contains just 1 SMS to check for the service quality. Also, if you are in need of such kind of service, then your site, must be having a high trafficking value and then, it seems to be quite satisfactory to have spend this much money.

Worth Having Service – Ipsilon Site Monitor Service


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