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It is an on-demand direct file transfer system and makes transferring any size file between two people as simple as clicking a link.

When you need to send a huge file to a friend then there are plenty of services that will host it for you. But what if it’s something confidential, private, a file that you would really rather not leave on some distant server. Then this site provider could be a better choice.

You can point the program at the file on your PC, give your friend the private link, and they will be able to download it – but directly from your system. The connection is encrypted and the link can even be password-protected for additional security.

It offers security through obfuscation and via a user-set password at the end-point. Once started, transfers utilize 128-bit AES encryption. But at the end of the site performance it is always be cautious when transmitting highly sensitive data over a connection you do not control.

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