iSkysoft PDF to Word for Mac: Easier and Faster

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PDF documents have one big advantage and one big problem and they interchange their places in different situations. For example, if you created any assignment with your own hard work (without copying someone else’s), then it’s best to save it in the PDF format so that no one can copy it and no one can alter it (because you didn’t let him copy it). Also, it is the best format for reading purposes. But if you are on the other side (those who copy), then you’re dead because neither you can copy nor you can edit so that you could make some changes to make it different from the original one. But in case of an important document with a mistake and you can’t edit it, then it’s a big problem and it could only be resolved if it was a Word document. So why not change it into one?

You must have used a PDF to Word for mac sometime. We are talking about a similar but not same Software today called iSkysoft PDF to Word Converter. Though it converts PDF documents to Word docs, it’s offline and available for Mac and Windows. There are many more differences. Let’s hear them one by one.

First and the most important one I consider is that it can process bunch files up to 50 at a time and is quite fast than those online ones. The biggest problem with any online Software is that you first have to upload documents, then wait for the processing and download them back again. And let me tell you that if you haven’t used them before, the processing is seriously slow and you can upload only one document at a time. Also, you can select pages of a document in case you don’t want to convert the complete document.

Then if the PDF file is encrypted with password protection for either editing or copying, it will automatically decrypt it and convert. I don’t know how do they do it but that’s amazing. Apart from that, the documents converted are 100% perfect and there is no margin for error. When you convert them online, you never know if the number of output pages will be same as the input.

Now let’s talk about the price as well. There is a free trial version available for this Software with 15 days validity. So you can always check it out first and then go for they buy which is worth $29.95. The price is completely justifying given the fact that it’s much easier to use than you’d have thought. Just add any file to the list and click the ‘convert’ button. Your original files will remain as it is and you can always edit them whenever you want.

There are some more versions of the same Software with extra features available such as the ability to convert scanned PDF documents as well. So you can check out them as well.

Pros: intuitive UI; faster; able to convert encrypted files; multiple conversions at a time; free trial available.

Cons: none.



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