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It can be very interesting when you have a game app that you can use it to impress your friends and other family members using some magic tricks. When it comes to the iPhone or iPad smart devices, one can simply download the iSleight amazing game that instantly allows you to make the magic tricks that you would wish to confuse you viewers in an impressive manner. iSleight is unique in its way in that you can play the magic right on your device without the need of external objects, flat surfaces such as the ground or even the Wi-Fi.

The game is also amazing in such a way that it is very simple to perform the trick without necessarily programming the master card on how you will touch it or the number of taps. You, being the user is known to be the chief magician of the iSleight game as you will be required to make the appropriate moves and controls to perform the magic trick. The game is one of the simplest and easiest game that one can learn in that you will be required to make just a prediction on a hand-held deck that has cards or a sheet of paper. After doing this, you will have to show your viewer or spectator that the deck that is inside your phone is shuffling in a constant manner. This will mean to him or her that there will be no card that will act the same as the other on the deck after the previous click. When the spectator has understood this idea in iSleight game, he/she will scroll through the deck and then make a selection of one card among the many cards that are available. When everything is over, you can reveal your prediction that you had earlier on stated and they will both match.

iSleight is always known to be a game that any can play the trick since tit has quite a good number of features that anyone can understand. The following are some of them;

  • Easy to perform.

The trick of choosing the cards and making your own prediction is one of the simplest things that one can do without thinking much when compared to other games that needs some time of thinking. After showing your spectators and letting them know the idea that exists in shuffling the decks, with no cards matching, you will just have to make a prediction and have them match thereby revealing your prediction.

  • Visual Effects.

iSleight game app is known to have visual effects that makes the viewer somehow confused on the magic tricks that you perform thereby making the game one of a kind.

  • A Video Tutorial of Four Minutes.

Different from other games that do not have tutorials, iSleight is designed to have four minute video tutorial that you have to watch it before performing the magic trick in your smart device. You can also allow your spectator to watch so that they can learn where the magic trick exists within the game.

Download iSleight game app today and entertain your friends and family members with amazing magic tricks right on your iPhone or iPad smart devices.

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