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The web pages change frequently and some of your favorite websites may not even exist after few months. This site will help you save an exact copy of web pages in a click so even if the original website goes down, you’ll still have all the stuff to read.

It creates commercial web archiving technology applications specifically for regulatory compliance, litigation support, e-discovery, corporate brand heritage preservation, and online press tracking. The Iterasi Archives is the only industrial strength tool that archives and keeps records of your websites, webpage’s, and web presence at large.

You can protect yourself from litigation and preserve your brand heritage with tools to preserve your websites, intranet, and entire web presence. The site has industrial strength tools to protect your clients, preserve web content, research, and prepare litigation.

You can archive your web communication to meet your compliance and regulatory needs. Also keep records of your employees’ and firm’s social networking communication to comply with FINRA regulations.

With IterasiArchives you can archive an entire website by simply entering the URL, the custom spidering technology will automatically find all webpage’s within the site, giving you all the control and functionality you need for web document management, regulatory compliance, e-discovery, brand heritage preservation, and more.

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