Jellyflop – Flip, Flop and Fly !

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All of us have dreams. While some are achievable, others are far away from the reality. Still we never give up and always try to reach for it no matter how. Same is the case with a jelly fish who wants to fly. It also wants to have feathers and has dreams of flying with birds high up in the sky. So, would you become its helping hand and help it out to touch the sky!

Well, what a lovely story! A little boring as well it is. But as far as the new android app Jellyflop is concerned, just tie up yourself tightly to start an adventurous journey along the sea shores. The android app developed by Concrete Software has just hit the stores and packs a fresh flavor of gaming. You are required to help a jelly fish collect feathers which will ultimately make the fish fly in the air. Sounds crazy to the ears, but it’s a game after all.

So, how’ll you be making a way for the sea-animal? You will be given a long elastic rod (or you can say a straight line) which can be used in a no. of pieces summing to the total length of the rod. You have to place the different pieces at different locations at such angles so that the fish after hitting back and forth to all of them one by one, ultimately manages to reach the feather at each level capturing all the droplets in-between to later arrange for some designer clothes.

There are a total of five different zones with 100+ levels of gameplay. To add some extra complexity, there are some fun elements including fans and space-time bending teleportals that you must use to your advantage in order to clear-off the borders. Also, the world is filled with predators, spikes, and other perils; so be careful! You can also collect more and more water droplets to get your jelly some nice stylish hats and travel the world.

The mechanics of the game is very accurate to the real-life. While there is a nice clean interface, you would just love the way all the screen space has been used. The graphics and animations are perfect for the situation including the color combination blended with some nice tunes. There are many achievements as well to complete.

Jellyflop is available for free in the app store. There is unlimited fun and entertainment that is new and original as well. However, we would have liked if there could have been some more shapes added to the menu to play with. It would have not only broadened the gaming area rather have made it difficult as well to choose the right shape at the right location. But still, we truly enjoyed the game.

Overall, the app is for everyone and is a good time pass option. We do recommend it for everyone out there.

Pros: nice concept, 100+ levels, beautiful graphics, pure entertainment.

Cons: more no. of shapes should be added to the menu.

Worth Having Application – Download the Application


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