Jetpack Jinx : The iOS Game for the Adventurous

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Jetpack Jinx is the latest addition to the games series by Bubble Gum Interactive. The motive of this adventurous game is to help Jetpack Jinx fly to space. This game is a treat for all adventure enthusiasts as they just blast off for a heady experience in space. The incorrigible mischievous jinx who has unfortunately crash landed on a strange and mysterious planet has to board his starship before his boss the treacherous and cowardly Lord Shadowbot discovers his absence.

The adventurous streak in you is revealed when you strap on the jetpack, blast off, and proceed through highly charged adrenaline inducing addictive fast-paced levels of complete fun provided by this cool game from Bubble Gum Interactive. This game is for all those diehard adventure fans as it is an easy game to play but difficult to master. It challenges your skills in helping Jinx overcome all obstacles to board his starship before his boss discovers. On the way precious jewels which power the Jetpack have to be collected. If Jinx gets hit by any of the obstacles, he will fall back on the ground. So you have to collect the power boosters and successfully dodge the obstacles to reach aboard the starship.


✔This game can be played for free without payment of any fees.

✔Jetpack Jinx involves highly addictive levels of fast paced fun.

✔The various obstacles are outrageous and challenging because if Jinx gets hit by them, he falls back on to the ground and the journey has to restart.

✔Wicked upgrades and superb sidekicks collected on the way enhance the attractiveness of this highly charged awesome game.

✔Awe-inspiring power-ups assist in your mission to help Jinx soar back into orbit.

✔Each level on completion helps to unlock achievements and gain rewards.

✔This game is completely free of advertisements.

Summary: This game is easy to play but difficult to master. The challenge before you is to overcome all obstacles and help Jetpack Jinx board his Starship before his dastardly Boss discovers his absence. This game can be followed on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook etc.

The graphic design of the game is exceptional and enhances the attractiveness of the game. The background music is melodious and helps the player enjoy the game more. The new version has additional features like App Store notifications for purchases, added utility features for Jinx such as new bandanas, goggles and jetpack boosts. The animations are cute and funny. The retina display has high definition graphics. In-App purchases can be regulated by parents owing to the security code lock-in option. Therefore over spending by children can be restricted.

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