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Now that internet has become a second world to the people, they want to live their life out of it. Working online can almost be considered as a replacement to your regular work. With social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter, you’re more online than you breathe fresh air in the real world. Amidst all this, there has been a craze among people to design and create their own websites and start a business online. I, as a review writer, have seen a lot of new web apps and websites being designed every day. Many of them are new and unique but some fail in this jaw-breaking competition. So in between all those crazy and brilliant ideas striking the surface of your forehead, another one comes up with a nice one. They thought of creating a tool that will help others in creating their web apps. I think this is a good idea!

Jreply Designer, this is the name of our today’s guest that is available here http://jreply.net/. It seems to be a website but it isn’t. It’s actually a Saas service that is available only online. This web based service has all the different tools and features required for you to create a web page. All you need to do is just select the features you want on each of your page. So if you’ve signed up for their service, let’s get inside.

The dashboard of Jreply Designer is very well designed. I mean it’s not complex but can handle all the mysterious tasks that you’re afraid of. All the controls are mostly on the left side of the dashboard. There you can decide the colour and font of the text, add images, hyperlinks and different widgets depending upon your requirements. Removing the added items is also very simple. Just make a rectangle around it and delete it. Also, you can decide which content is to act as a pop up and use them for ads or something. However, you can hide these pop ups while working on your page.

Nowadays, when you create a web app, most of the times you want it to be compatible with a number of platforms i.e. PC, laptop as well as Smartphones. So it’d have been nice if you got a chance to see how your designed web pages look on these different devices. It is not an emulator but similar to that where you can check if your text is readable or not or if your added widgets fit or not within the confined space.

Just for beginning, you can try a demo project. Though it is more of a prototype that is not functional, it gives you a good hint of how to use the different tools. Also, there is a help section to introduce you to different tools. However if you’ve ever tried a similar software or service in the past, it won’t take you long to get familiar to it.

Pros: intuitive UI; inbuilt feature to check web page on different devices; add pop ups, images, widgets, etc.

Cons: complex web pages might be difficult to design.

Worth Using Saas Service – Try jReply Today.


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