Jump out : Freedom from the Box

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Jump Out is a new app for the Android platform developed by Tap TapBoom Games. It has a very simple concept that has been beautifully executed. The game involves helping different types of insects to escape or jump out from the enclosure of the four walls in a box. There are different types of fans and cogs along with barricades and traps within the box. Most importantly, there are stars in the box. The main purpose of the game is to help free the insects from the box, thereby collecting stars. However, they need to be freed by using specific number of jumps. If you use too many jumps, the result is that the insects suffer concussion and it is not possible to escape.


ü It is a free app developed for the Android platform.

ü The game has excellent controls, almost similar to the ones in Angry Birds. All you need to do is to click the insect and it launches in the form of an arc that shows the projected trajectory.

ü The game provides the classic levels of 1-3 star rated system. As your progress, more and more levels are unlocked and the bonuses start getting unlocked.

ü The difficulty levels are gradual, with the game starting on easy levels and difficulties being gradually incorporated at higher levels.

ü There are totally 140 levels in this game. Along with these, there are 30 achievements combined with bonus levels, which are altogether 30 in number. The content of the game is quite substantial.

ü This is a typical mobile game and has several attractive characters. All the characters have unique abilities and a variety of skills.

ü The game play is physics based and the graphics are really crisp, along with an excellent soundtrack.

ü The aim has to be just right and you need to be aware of the bug’s size while taking your shot. If you aim too high, you will just hit the ceiling.

ü The game starts with just two bugs that are trapped in a cardboard box, having just a small hole from which they can escape.

ü The fingers have to act like a catapult for helping the insects escape from this tiny hole.

The Good

The game controls are simple and very intuitive and it is endowed with excellent graphics. The voice over is authentic and the soundtrack is awesome. New ideas and elements are introduced at the right point and the developer has allowed the player to adjust to a new concept before adding something new to it. The bugs are full of character and have been very well drawn and the controls are excellent.

The Bad

There is no explanation regarding what the new obstacle or the bug does. The user has to use his intelligence and figure it out. The game also uses a lot of elements featured in other games. You may also need to play some stages several times in order to complete them.


Jump out is an excellent puzzler app based on physics. You could actually call it a blend of ‘Angry Birds’ and the game ‘Cut the Rope’. Bugs are caught in a box and the aim of the game is to make them jump out and escape, thereby gaining stars.

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