Junior Coder – Fun Way to Develop Kids Coding Skills

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Are you a geek? If you are, chances are that you know of or have had a lot of interest in programming. If you aren’t, then you probably know a kid (or have one) who seems quite interested in such but, unfortunately, is yet to learn anything to do with any type of programming. Don’t worry. The Junior Coder app is all your kid needs to get you prepared before you embark on your programming course.

Junior Coder – Visual Programming games for your kids is simply a cool game that introduces you to the most basic knowledge and concepts of computer programming. This game is focused on training its users mostly on Visual programming, but it isn’t restricted to that alone. The game features lots of puzzles that will teach your kid many programming techniques and concepts: be it debugging and Problem Solving or Control flow and Iteration. Think of any programming concept you’ve ever heard of; all those concepts will undoubtedly be covered in this game.

Learning programming with the Junior Coder goes way past interesting and fun. In this app, each topic and concept in programming is introduced as a stage on its own, consisting of five levels. In each level, your child will be taught a few facts about each concept and then given a couple of puzzles to solve. Forget all those programming books and notes: with the Junior Coder, all you need is your smartphone or tablet and your kid is set to learn. One great advantage of using his game is that your kid will easily grasp many programming concepts without the need of many supplementary books. Your child is also bound to retain that knowledge for much longer compared to when he or she spends lengthy hours reading huge programming books. Junior Coder will provide you with all the practice you need, you can trust me on this.

The fun doesn’t end there. With this game, your kid can use an Easy Drag and Drop Interface to design various challenges that he or she can share with his/her friends. This challenges are usually designed at the end of each stage. The Junior Coder app also features a stellar award chart that keeps track of your child’s progress and motivates them at the same time. Whenever your child completes any stage, he or she receives badges and medals as a reward.

Junior Coder however isn’t all about fun. The app serves as a learning challenge to any kid out there who is keen on learning how to be a flawless programmer. The first stages of the game will require your kid to apply simple sequential thinking but the later stages get more challenging, where the app user will be required to grasp conditionals, looping concepts and iteration among other concepts. Actually, the creation of one’s puzzle at the end of each stage is meant to reinforce the concepts learned in that stage.

In general, Junior Coder is definitely the best game for any amateur or kid out there who is interested in learning simple programming techniques. Even though the challenge offered isn’t nearly as tough as the one required to draft real-life solutions, the game will certainly prepare you to learn programming in any language. The game is also suitable for learners of any age, unlike the books available which are only suitable for High school and Campus students.

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