Just 2 Words- The Magic of Words in Pairs

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Have David L. Hoyt’s puzzles always managed to fascinate and engage you for hours on end? Just 2 Words, the latest word game from the maker of Word Winner, Word Roundup, Jumble, Boggle Brainbusters and Pat Sajak’s Lucky Letters, is here to help you rack your brains. This universal app for all platforms is indeed one among his many masterpieces.

David’s puzzles appear on a daily basis in over 750 newspapers that include Chicago Tribune, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today and New York Daily News. His online games feature on more than 200 sites with an approximate of 700 million people enjoying his games each month. What more of an introduction does this app need!


The concept of this game is quite simple. Each answer in this puzzle consists of just 2 words, with a variety of exciting puzzles in store for you. The words have been paired uniquely and have been put together with great pictures to serve as clues. These combinations could be the names of famous personalities or paintings or something out of the box. Suited for people of all ages, it is a game with a fresh idea that has been implemented excellently.

This game is indeed lots of fun to play. It won’t be long before you are lost in this maze of pairs of words. This, combined with the high resolution display, makes it look fabulous on most tablets and phones. The user interface of this app is very colorful and eye-catching. Right from the home page to all the other pages, each page has been done fantastically. It is highly intuitive and navigable with all clutter left out of the picture. Besides the pictures as hints, there are also special hints in case you get stuck at a particular word. These hints are tricky and challenging.


The puzzles are neither too easy nor too hard. They are just hard enough to keep you glued to this app. Also, it is a great way to improve one’s vocabulary. The gameplay has been kept simple without any extra features. Simplicity and pure genius is the key here. The focus is only on the puzzle so that you can download it and start playing. Once you do, putting it down is not an easy task.

Developed by Adveractive, Inc, this app is universal and is available on iOS, Nook Store, Android and all other tablets and phones. For what it has to offer, it is delightful to know that it is available for free. It is a family game that kids of all ages can enjoy with their parents and grandparents.

Although the puzzles sound really simple when spoken of, they are not all that easy. However, the hints given by David sometimes make you realize how stupid and simple it really is. At times, the right words just don’t strike at the right moment. If you have kids or know anyone who is working on their English vocabulary, then Just 2 Words is highly recommended for them. Just get them started and they are sure to love it.

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