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Just Jumble is a very interesting and most challenging game. The name itself describes the genre of the game. Yes it’s a game of finding the actual word from the jumbled letters. It’s a common game we find in most news papers. It’s not just jumbled letters, each puzzle has a clue in the form of cartoon and some conversations. Some puzzles may be straight forward but some may be very confusing. These type of puzzle games are more common nowadays but what’s so special about this game is, it has the puzzles created by Jeff and David, the two legends of puzzling world. These two men dedicated their life in creating these intelligent and interesting puzzles. It’s a way of entertaining people and keep them learn new words.

This particular game is created with a very simple and attractive user interface with similar cartoons we get in news papers. The background music we get when we zoom or shrink the cartoons makes the cartoons lively. Every cartoon plays the role of a hint to find the actual word from the jumbled letters. When you are not sure of getting any help to find out the word, then the game itself offers you help but you have to trade-in few coins to get help. You will be rewarded with coins if you solve the puzzle. You get a reward of two coins for solving each puzzles.

You have option to buy coins using in-app purchase options. You can purchase 3500 coins for around 10 bucks. That’s the maximum in-app purchase option, of course there are several minimum options as well. You could buy 1600 coins for around 5 bucks, 900 coins for around 3 bucks, 550 coins for around 2 bucks and 230 coins for around a dollar. This game application has some advertisements and any in-app purchase will remove all the advertisements.

The game offers three different ways of help to solve the puzzle, firstly you can trade-in 80 coins to show few letters of the word, secondly you can trade-in 70 coins to color code the letter say in case the jumbled word is of two words then letters of each word will be colored differently so that you can easily identify the word, and thirdly you have David Hoyt’s hint, where David will give you a hint if you trade-in 50 coins. This is really a cool way to solve hard puzzles. If you solve few number of puzzles you will get a free hint from David for one of the Puzzle, Isn’t it cool enough?

You can make posts on your Facebook wall and you can also tweet about this puzzle right from this application itself. There are some settings to turn off the sound if you are a silent person and you have option to enable or disable the zoomed cartoon display during the beginning of each puzzle. I would say it’s trendy game application to improve anyone’s IQ power and a best way to kill your free time.

Worth Having Application – Download and Have Fun

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