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When you’re working in a team, you have to follow a certain code of professionalism. You have to step out of your comfort zone and adjust according to the people you’re working with. Moreover, you have to make sure that every single piece of information that you have and which holds interests of the entire team, should be available to them without asking for it. But telling them about each and every single update would mean interfering in their private space and that’s a contradiction to the rule number one. To avoid these conflicts, nowadays we use online collaborating platforms where you interact with the entire team without ever poking them a single time. One such e-collaboration platform we have today in our court. Let’s hear the judgement!

I’m talking about Kanbanery (www.kanbanery.com) which is a project management platform. Here, after logging into your account, you’re introduced to a very intuitive and neatly designed interface. Here you can see 3 columns at the start: to do, doing and done. You can add more columns if you want to. Now, you start with creating a project and then adding tasks to it. Almost anything fits into the definition of tasks which can be a household chore like getting your car fixed this Sunday or it can be a office work like updating the database of the latest website that you’re working on. You can prioritize tasks according to their time-limits or according to their importance itself. You can also assign an owner to each task (in case you have added more than one member to your account).

You can similarly add different tasks under different columns. As their status changes, you can move them to another column and this is how every team mate can keep the entire team in the loop. Just drag and drop the task into the “done” column and the stamp of completion is applied. Inside the task, each task has a task ID and you can add sub-tasks or attach any files if required. The comment section is the space where all team members can interact and update each other about any new changes or approvals required.

At one time, you can work on as many projects as you want. Each project carries a different board and you can find all your projects listed under the dashboard. If you want to search for a particular project, the search button on the top will do the job for you. So no matter how many projects or how many tasks are under your responsibility, you know the traces of each and every one of them.

Kanbanery allows you to add your teammates to your account so that they can also work under the same roof. It allows easy-collaboration and coordination. Kanbanery at the moment offers a free-trial account for 1 month. If you like their services, you can subscribe to their different plans starting from $22/month (if paid annually). Choice is yours!

Pros: neatly designed interface; easy to create tasks; handle multiple projects at the same time; free trial available.

Cons: none.

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