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Kanban Tool is a very useful online application designed to help businesses visualize their work/ workflow and allow them greater visibility in doing up projects. It helps businesses get their work done faster by visualizing the work load and flow in the company. Meanwhile advanced analytics provides important information on how the business functions and how to improve it by reducing the amount of waste. The Kanban Tool is based on the Kanban method introduced and used by Toyota. KanbanTool also offers all first time users a 30 days free trial which allows prospective business users to judge for themselves what is so good about KanbanTool. The User Interface in Kanban Tool is also fantastic and intuitive meaning you would not need a computer whiz to help you smoothen the journey.

Kanban Tool provides online Kanban boards that helps business owners to organize work with colorful sticky notes and to control and optimize business operations and workflow. Using Kanban boards allow you to collaborate in real time with your team members and limit work in progress to increase productivity.

Another integral part of KanbanTool is its detailed analytics. With cumulative flow and lead and cycle time diagrams you can analyze the overall workflow of the company and identify and remove bottlenecks and problems as they appear any. The analytics also help the upper management in monitoring and improving the overall’s work efficiency. The analytics also help predict and plan how and when the employees would complete their tasks based on their previous performance by introducing an average.

Another thing that I found out to be excellent in Kanban Tool is that you can organize the work into projects. You can invite people from your team to collaborate easily in real-time and complete tasks faster. You can also use Kanban Tool to share online documents, and to do lists with your team members to boost productivity and to complete work faster.

As mentioned before, Kanban Tool provides a 30 days free trial when you can thoroughly test KanbanTool to see whether it suits your needs. When registering no credit card is required. If you like the service, you can upgrade to their tailored plans such as “Starter”, limited to three boards for you and up to 4 users. Or you could upgrade to “Pro” plan which perfectly fits small companies where you would be able to use 8 Kanban boards and collaborate with 10 team members for as low as $29. “Unlimited” plan is perfect for those who need unlimited number of boards and would like to invite as many users as needed. You may also get a special discount if you are educational or non-profit organization or a volume discount – for large teams and medium and large companies.

Visit this site at http://kanbantool.com/ and post your reviews as comments.


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