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New apps pop up every day, some take the world by storm while others barely even get visible. In the ever competitive app market the Katt app has stood its ground and weathered down the storm to be what it is

The Katt app is a shopping based app that provides a platform for designers and illustrators whose work is inspired by feline themes. It is a store for that features feline inspired items like cups, t-shirts, pins, logos and all aesthetic items that can be used on apparels or websites.

On top of being a store Katt also functions as an online community platform where fans of felines interact with designers and illustrators, exchanging ideas and appreciating each other’s works. It especially plays a very huge part in connecting artists with each other allowing them the opportunity to collaborate on projects for the benefit of the whole community. So how does it work?

The artists, designers and illustrators create beautiful items and designs which they post to the store through their accounts, each item has its own category, these items are then displayed to the public
complete with detailed descriptions and images that cover all the angles, the prices of the items are then displayed next to them together with all the information pertaining the shipment as well as the availability in stock, then the interested people get to choose the items they fancy and add them to the cart. Browsing for the items has been made easier by the grouping of the items which are arranged in alphabetical order with other options for the time they arrived I the store and so on. This is to ensure that clients are able to get
the item they want by simply going to the first letter of the name. there is also a search bar on top which can be used by those that know the exact name of the item they are looking for or the name of the artist behind that particular item.

Katt has been a very popular place for independent designers as they get their work curated on the store and exposed to thousands of potential fans and buyers and in the process it helps the artist to grow both
financially and creatively, this is made possible by the simple act of providing all the information on the artist behind the creation of each item. As one browses the catalogue he/she gets to know who is behind the creation of each item on the store. There is a brief history of each designer and illustrator who has their item on Katt. These stories play a huge part in connecting the artists to their fans and potential buyers.

Katt will soon be among the most downloaded apps on the Play store as they strive every day to update new items and to fix bugs as they pop up. They have been getting positive reviews from enthusiastic users and there is no doubt that it is what designers and illustrators have been waiting for.

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