Keep your phone safe from the intruders by using the Fancy applock

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The fancy app lock Android App is the finest protector of the phone data, whether it is photos, applications, emails or confidential information. The App Locker’ app, as the name suggests, is the fabulous way of protecting the apps from unwanted access or visibility since it directly blocks the access to the app files, data, and the programs. With the use of the Privacy Wizard app locker, it is extremely convenient to confuse others from getting access to the most private apps like Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber, Skype and the Gallery. There are in fact multiple coverage options to protect the sensitive materials and keep the snoopers out of the scene. The app lock lets you lock certain apps so that you conveniently pass on the Android phone for photo browsing and video watching. To know the usability of the fancy app lock, let us conduct the Fancy applock-Android app review.

The multiple cover options to lock applications

The Fancy applock functions through the app covers. They block the access to the smart phone applications and displays others a fake screen which only the owner of the smart phone knows how to unlock. With the additional app locks, a second layer of security gets added like the pattern lock and the passcode. It permits the usage of the pattern lock for apps and the customization of the authentication screen with the background of the user’s choice.

The option of 4 covers 

Fancy applock offers the four cover options to allow hiding the apps:

  • The caller covers permits hiding the app simply by stimulating the fake incoming call.
  • The Error Message Cover hides the application simply by fooling the users that some error has happened.
  • The fingerprint touch id cover is another way to keep the applications safe. The fingerprint verification saves the apps from the outsiders.
  • The fake voice authentication cover prevents the apps from getting exposed.

Unique features of the Fancy Applock

  • Locks the app by using the password pattern
  • For each app there is a multiple password
  • Remote lock control
  • The fake close pop-up
  • Lock screen rotation
  • Data backup and restore
  • Locks the 3G, 4G data long with the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • Supports the Pincodes and patterns
  • The customizable locker screen

The use of the Fancy Applock

The applock is the fantastic way to stop the friends and the family members from seeing the phone, going through the confidential information and messages or even posting the status on your behalf. The content is kept absolutely safe with the locker app. For the double layer security, messaging apps and emails may also be locked. Hence, private content becomes safe. Additionally, one can prevent the users from receiving the calls, installing/uninstalling the applications and accessing the settings.


To access the Fancy applock feature, the user needs to possess the Android phone. The app can be downloaded into the Android smart phone only. Owing to the high security feature of the app, even the user can get locked out of the device, requiring the professional assistance.

Final Verdict 

The security of the smart phone device and the application needs to be taken seriously. To prevent the data and the application from getting into the wrong hands, adding simply a passcode lock to the screen will not do. It would be best to password protect the app with the Fancy Applock. Once downloaded, the applock needs a passcode lock and the recovery email.

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