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Companies are ready to spend a lot of money in order to gain customers but there have been surveys that prove that it is always good to retain customers than to acquire new ones. While new customers have chance of providing you with business, the loyal ones will surely give you business for a long run and that would make you earn a lot of money. You have always tried to read the minds of your customers but it is not possible to do so when the customer base is huge and you have limited time. With Keepify, you can now retain your customers easily without spending much.

Keepify is a web based application which has simplified the logic of churners. The software derives the data of churners depending on their clicks and the way they roam around the website. The click stream data are correctly derived as it is software operated. The use of this web app will save your money because acquiring new customers is six to seven times costlier than retaining one. It is possible to increase the profit by at least 25% if you can increase the loyalty by 5% and that is why the company has introduced 4 tools that can be used by customers in order to retain their customers.


  • Churn Prediction: Keepify provides churn prediction depending on the recent click history of the user. The way the user behaves through responding to events and clicking on things, are interpreted in the form of churn data. The tool will show you what the reason for leaving for the user is and how much possibility is there. You will be shown the email ids so that you can take fast action. In many cases, the clients leave as they are not contacted for any campaign and lose interest.
  • Building campaign: You can use the Keepify tools to build campaign of your own. You can build as many campaigns as you like and send them to as many users as you want to. There is no restriction and you have the opportunity to send test email before you can send them to the original users.
  • Automated campaign delivery: You can set an automated campaign delivery system in your profile where the churners will be sent a specific email at a given point of time. You don’t require selecting each and every churner from the list. Just choose all predicted churners from the dropdown list and the email will be directly sent to them.
  • Preview: You can always check how your email is going to look like. Make the email as much convincing as possible and approach the users directly in order to create max impact.
  • Reporting: You can check the data of saved users and saved revenue in the form or graph and see if you campaign has done any good to your company or not.

Keepify is a unique concept that is developed for businesses that want to retain their customers. It is easy to use the system but for that, all you need to do is to download the tools just by providing your email address.

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