– Ensure The Relevancy Of Tweets

by | Aug 4, 2010 | Reviews | 0 comments

The one disadvantage of Twitter as a tool for communication is that it’s too easy to clutter up your feed with messages from people who have really nothing to do with you. If you can’t picture what it feels like, just imagine what your feed on Facebook would look like if you sent friend requests to 50 random people at once, and they all accepted them. The next time you logged in you would be greeted with more information than even Peeping Tom would feel comfortable with.

And that is an occurrence that is far too common for power Twitter users. They follow and are followed by thousands because they associate that with being prestigious, and the price that they have to pay is a feed offering up an illogical amount of information. Key Tweet is a new service that hopes to give them some breathing space. In principle, it will determine what their true interests are by taking a good look at these keywords that denote what they do. Using these keywords, a filter will be created and only relevant tweets will be displayed. It is not perfect solution (because the problem it sets out to tackle is insoluble in itself), but it is a nice try for certain.


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