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Looking for an application to make your brand shine? If you feel like your brand isn’t spreading enough, maybe it’s time to take out the big guns. Kick-off is an application developed for business owners who need to make landing pages and want to go viral. Making websites can be a pain if you do not have the knowledge. However, Kick off ( Landing Page Design App ) provides their templates and color palettes which can be activated with a single click. For every section you want to add onto the landing page, all you need to do is Click and Write. This makes it much easier for people who want a great looking website with no coding or IT specialist needed. This definitely saves you time and money from the get-go.

The most important aspect to your website is the ability to attract both current and new customers as well. Social Networks are becoming online marketplaces, where a friend can send you a beautiful item over Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and countless others. Others just upload their registry on the social networks as well, so the Share button is very important. Kick Off provides these Share buttons and it can integrate with other websites such as LinkedIn, WordPress, MailChimp, as well as other services like Google Analytics and Google Adsense.

Another aspect of the page that you need to be looking at is their blog. Most websites have a blog which explain little or nothing about their website and how to get the maximum response from a customer. Kick Off provides tips on how to attract a bigger crowd using simple tools, pictures and tricks that involve font for the headers among others. So, if you have a small business, you should definitely read what Kick off labs has to say about the results they get from manipulating their own website. This is something we haven’t seen from other pages and they just focus on putting information out there without visual proof.

You are also able to email your customers for offers, new items in stock and for feedback. In exchange, you get to receive messages from them which you can answer with auto-generated responses if you already have the question as a template within your website. This saves you time when you’re replying to various emails that ask the same question. Kick off labs is proven to work because it has eighty thousand leads and over twenty five hundred customers, and the wave is just starting. Often featured in websites that promote small businesses, Kick off has been doing well since it started and very often asks for your opinion on the website, which you can provide by leaving feedback.

The pricing plans are Plus, Premium and Max. Each one has the same features as far as social network sharing, headers, email, custom domains, API Access and others. The only difference between the Plus compared to premium and max is that you can only have one landing page (ideal for small businesses), and you get no newsletters to send to your customers. You are also not able to edit SEO, edit headers and scripts (third party services), and it does not have Google Analytics integration. The difference between the Premium and Max plan is the number of Newsletters and landing pages which go from five in the premium plan to twenty five in the max plan (ideal for big companies). Prices range from 15 dollars on the Plus plan, to Twenty dollars on the Premium Plan and fifty dollars on the Max plan. A lesson learned is that social integration is very important when you market your product.

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