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Being a child is the most beautiful and best part of our life, however, parenting is just reverse of it. Being a parent is not as easy as we think. When a child is born it brings a smile on everyone’s face. However, taking care of a child is a tough task to do in today’s technical modern world. This new generation kids start using mobile since they open their eyes. When they grow up, the parents need to track each and every activity of their children daily. For example- where your child is going, what he/she is doing online, which sites they visit, to whom they call and do text messages, etc.? These are the questions that arise in every parent because they are very concerned about their children. But, you can’t be with your children every time. So what can you do to keep an eye on them! Let me introduce you to something called Kidgy Parental Control App, which is a parental control app for the digital parents.

Kidgy has been offered by Altercon LP and it’s available on the iTunes store and compatible with the iOS devices having iOS 9.0 or any later version of the OS. To track your kids online with Kidgy, firstly, install the app from the App Store and set up Parent and Child profiles. You can also get updates via the app on your phone.

With this Kidgy parental control app, you will get updates about GPS location to find your child’s location, manage online activity remotely for checking what your child is surfing online, view text and call logs to help you find whom they are in contact with. These are very important for a parent to know about their child to prevent them from any incident and online misuse of resources. For this, you need to build a trust and a bond between you and your child to optimize your online activities together with this family tracker. If you find anything serious about your child’s activity, then you can block the adult sites, limit the Internet usage and control their movements.

The interesting thing with this app is that, there is a panic button also which is made for the children so that they can touch and you can get alerts if your child is in trouble. When the panic button is activated, you’ll see the current GPS position and real-time location of your child.
Features of Kidgy Parental Control App

  • It can monitor movements distantly with the GPS tracker.
  • Create geo-fences and get informed when the kids enter or leave them.
  • Monitor their Phonebook and call logs of your child’s mobile.
  • Track incoming and outgoing text messages and even the deleted ones.
  • Set tasks like “do homework”, “go to play” and get notified once they are completed remotely.
  • You can view installed apps on your child’s mobile phone.

So organize your child’s online activities remotely, which is a must to prevent unwanted communication and activities.

Kidgy parental control app is free to download and use with a limited set of features. If you want to enjoy more features than you can get its premium package!

Pros: parental control app; track online activities of your child; monitors everything; tracks GPS location; provides a panic button to help your child; free. 

Cons: none.

Worth Having App – Download the App


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