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The one thing which constantly worries parents these days is to see their kids playing too much of games in the mobile / iPad / laptop. This is of course the same case in each and every home. Kids these days fine gadgets and devices highly attractive and start using the mobiles and iPad’s at a very early stage. Children find playing games in these devices very entertaining.

When parents complain about the games which their kids are playing all day long, the trick here is to make them play games which are educative, informative and also fun at the same time. This satisfies both the purposes of having fun and gaining some knowledge simultaneously. Kid’s Puzzle lite is one such educative and also a fun game that has been developed by DRCOM. Since this is a puzzle game, it helps in improving the cognitive abilities of kids in addition to being an engaging entertainer.


  • The free version of this game includes 10 puzzles; customers can try these before they download the full version.
  • This app is very user friendly. It is easy to an extent that even toddlers can use it.
  • The graphics used in this app makes it very colorful and attractive to the kids.
  • The sound effect in this game is of high quality. The player also gets a loud applause when they complete the puzzle – a very encouraging aspect for children.
  • There are a wide of variety of puzzles including numbers, animals, letters, and shapes, all of which are very colorful. Players can choose any one which interests them.
  • This app provides an effective way through which children can learn and identify various colors, objects, letters, numbers, and also form words.
  • The game helps in improving the motor skills and visual identification abilities of the kids.
  • The app will be an excellent companion for kids if you are planning to take them on a long drive.
  • This is an ad free app, which makes the gaming experience even more pleasurable.
  • In many puzzles the child has to just drag and drop the items in their respective shadows. Sound effects are created when objects are dropped.
  • Puzzle solving is a stage by stage process. This triggers the thinking abilities of children and makes children imagine they are actually building something. This feature makes the game even more interesting.
  • The app is suitable for toddlers and also for kids in kinder garden. Kids in their early grades will also enjoy setting these puzzles.
  • Kid’s puzzle is well designed to recognize the touch of the tiny little fingers.
  • The puzzles are available with varying levels of difficulties; this makes sure that the kid doesn’t get bored.
  • Each puzzle can be repeated over and over again any number of times.

Bottom Line:

When you want to teach your kids and tiny tots the way they love to be taught, and at the same time include elements of interest and fun, Kid’s Puzzle Lite is definitely something to try out.

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