Kitchen Aid Kit Pro – A Novel App to Make you an Expert Chef

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Who would have thought of iPad entering their kitchens? Well, the developers at HitLab Ltd. have. Kitchen Aid Kit Pro is an innovative iPad app that helps you to cook delightful dishes for wonderful family dinners and friends’ get-togethers. Most of the times, we might watch mouth watering recipes being cooked on the television, but may meet with dire failure when we try to recreate it in our kitchens. The main culprits in such situations my either be our inability to measure ingredients accurately or unknown culinary techniques or simply a miscalculation in metrics conversion. Kitchen Aid Kit Pro truly supports you in your endeavor to create delicious exotic dishes right from the comfort of your homes.

Now you might be really wondering how an iPad app might help you cook in your kitchen. This app has interactive graphical interface with four types of servicing options. For example, in the beaker interface, there is a glass beaker whose size and height are modifiable as per the real life size glass. The ingredient to be filled in the glass is mentioned along with the height to which it is going to be filled. The app automatically displays the volume of the ingredient in the glass along with its calorie value. This feature enables a professional way of cooking the professional dishes.

Functional Highlights

A beaker interface that mimics the real life scenario to determine the volume and calorie value of ingredients used is the highlight of this app. The size and shape of the beaker can be changed via touch screen

A metrics converter that not only does accurate conversions of measurements of volume, weight and temperature, but also measures

There is a careful cooker interface with 5 burners and timers that are linked with each other for timed cooking. Each burner can also be named as per the dish it is cooking, can have reminders set for cooking completing and can also pause / resume from the middle of cooking

The Good Old Fridge interface tells us the right way to store food and food ingredients in fridge. The look of our classic fridge in the interface reminds us of our cooking escapades in our early years


Unnecessary confusion in the kitchen combined with the lack of awareness of exotic measurement metrics is certainly requires precious help, which is exactly what this app provides. It acts as a wonderful virtual kitchen helper.


On the downside, $1.99 may seem a little too much for a basic app like Kitchen Aid Kit Pro. The idea is genius and this app definitely creates high expectations for its future updates.


Kitchen Aid Kit Pro is an exclusive iPad app and requires iOS 4 and above. Add a camera with the existing kitchen aids along with a weight and height measuring scales and this wonderful app is what you get. Such novelty that increases your standard of life and simplifies processes is hard to come by. So gear up to install Kitchen Aid Kit Pro and get a life!

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