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Have you ever been through a feeling in which you know you had to put an alarm to not miss out on the game? You keep reminding your friends about the big game but you forget yourself and various other situations like these when you had to work late in the office and even missed on the highlights of the game. Well APPLE has come to a solution with an app for all of you Sport minded fans! It’s known as KROO.
Now you can say goodbye to putting alarms, because now by firing up your phone would give you everything you need to know about your favorite sports team. From the scores of last night game to the tickets to the next big game, it’s all stored in for you in KROO!

Hi everyone! Today I’d be reviewing Kroo App for you. I’ve been using this app for about a month now and I think I’ve gathered enough information to tell you about the reasons on why it’s a must-have sports app on your phone!

Let’s get started!

App Size: This app is available on iTunes and on Android; the size of the app is mediocre heavy. It takes around 42 MB on android and 53 MB on iPhone, so much likely it would not affect your storage space and other functionalities of the phone.

• App Display:Well the app display is very nice and interactive. It’s just like reading your favorite book.
• Easy to use:Download the app from the App store (for iPhone users) or Play Store (for Android users) and give your Login details. EASY PEEZY!
• SELECT TEAMS:One of the factors that disappointed me a little in this app was it not covering every sport. Yeah it only includes your favorite teams from NBL, NHL, NBA and MLB. Even though I have my favorites in these sports too but what should I do about my love for Barcelona and how do I keep up with them?

• UPDATES:There is no doubt that this app does keep you updated (at least for the teams you have selected). My favorite team from the NBA is Los Angeles and now if I ever miss a game, then the very next day just as I wake up in the morning, Kroo has all the jaw-clenching moments and highlights from the game ready for me. It has videos and other reading content for me which I enjoy reading very much.
• TICKET APP:Now the thing that makes me fall in love with this app over and over again is it giving me tickets to the big game! Yes Kroo has this amazing rather unique feature named as “Kroo credits” which first lets you earn credits by asking you about your favorite team. It tests your KNOWLEDGE FOR YOUR FAVORITE TEAM and if you answer correctly, it gets added up in your KROO CREDITS.Now I can be one of the persons cheering for the Yankees from the crowd. My days of seeing the ULTIMATE GAME at home are gone now!
• CUSTOMIZATION:Another great feature about this app is that it only does what I ask it to do meaning that it’s not like other apps which just bashes you with all of the sports headlines. For example, it displays me end score of the game because that’s what I wanted to see. If I want to see the full highlights I’ll customize the app for that and it shall do so.

PRO’s1. Interactive interface.2. Easy to use.3. Automatically updates.4. Notification alert.5. Less space.
CON’s1. It should include more sports.

Overall, I totally would hang on to this app for a long time. I would give it a solid 4/5 rating. Give this app a chance and I’m sure you wouldn’t regret having it on your phone!

Worth Having App – Download the App


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