Ktalu: Planet of Terror – Action Packed Space Adventure

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West of Pluto Software LLC offers Ktalu: Planet of Terror, which is a game full of action offering space adventure that you can play on your iPhone. The game involves the planet named Ktalu, which has several precious minerals and is also a place occupied by alien beasts. The user has to pilot the spacecraft through this planet of hostile beasts and make a collection of minerals. This involves either destroying the aliens or avoiding them. A separate version of the game is available for the iPad and another version is being developed for Android phones.


  • This is a free game to be played on your IPhone.
  • The player has to pilot the spacecraft through the planet, amidst stormy clouds as well as avoid or destroy aliens, avoiding black holes and so on in the process.
  • The aim is to collect as many space minerals as possible and increase your points as well as build up the bankroll.
  • The bankroll can be used for upgrading of the spaceship. You can also use the bankroll for buying weapons and other forms of defense to survive in the planet.
  • Banners and flags can be used for decoration of the spaceship.
  • The game controls are easy to use and it is a challenging game.
  • The game offers death defying adventure along with terrifying beasts and a great deal of wealth on the Ktalu planet.
  • The player has to go through thick storm clouds capable of ripping the spacecraft apart and escape black holes that are trying to grab the spacecraft.
  • You need to survive all the dangers and thrive.

The Good

The minor bugs present in the first version have been fixed and the 1.1.2 version has a ‘Share’ button with which you can tell others about the game through email. It also has a ‘rate’ button, so that players find it easy to rate the application.

The Bad

Though the game is completely free to play on the iPhone, there are some features that can only be purchased using real money. If you don’t wish to use this feature, you can disable the purchases in the settings. If you wish to integrate with Twitter, you need an iOS 5.0 or later.


Ktalu: Planet of Terror is an action-packed space adventure to play on your iPhone that has been created for the iPhone. It needs an iPhone 3GS or later and an iOS 4.3 or later. The game consists of piloting the spacecraft in the Planet Ktalu and fighting with aliens, who are relentlessly and ruthlessly seeking to destroy. Points are scored by collecting minerals and the bankroll is used for buying weapons to survive. The challenge lies in whether you are able to survive the dangers and thrive on the planet or whether you will meet your end. If you are well prepared for what lies ahead of you in the game, you can manage to survive and, thus, become the greatest pilot ever, successfully skimming over the edge of impossibility.

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