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One of the most crucial departments in an organization is absolutely the human resource. In most cases, it deals with the entire management of different operations in the company. These may include hiring and retrenching of staff, business administration,determining which employee health plan to go for (helping to decide between ppo vs hmo ) strategic management and even other day-to-day activities of the company. Some businesses do not thrive well because they do not have a well-laid human resource management strategy. Getting a human resource package that is effective, intuitive and well-inclined to the purpose of the business can be indeed beneficial. Interestingly, KunbaHr has brought great solution to small and mid-sized businesses.

With its well-designed and cost effective HR management platform, it can be quite easy and simple for the business to integrate and apply it in different business operations. From the current reviews provided by its users, it is absolutely clear that KunbaHr comes with great human resource experience and great customer support. This would really be effective to the business.

The Operation of the KunbaHr webapp

The entire operation of this HR package is quite simple and user-friendly. With its intuitive interface that offers all the information in one platform makes the business to easily manage and operate different activities. Clearly, KunbaHr webapp has been designed to help the mid-size and small business to save much on time and space. This is especially if such a company is having a hard time checking for records on spreadsheets and papers. Interestingly, this amazing webapp can be accessed from anywhere, anytime; all that one need is to possess a web browser or internet connection. Besides, the user needs to understand that the core purpose of KunbaHr is to assist in management of HR administration. This is to ensure that there is a balance in growth of the business through quality services provided.

Compatibility of the KunbaHr webapp

Apparently, the user of this webapp will discover that it contains a superior platform that requires great support from a strong device in order for it to function effectively. Currently, this KunbaHr webapp is operational on mobile device, tablet and computer. Thus, the user can always access it at the convenient place possible with much ease.

There are amazing features that have been integrated in KunbaHr webapp to ensure that the overall performance achieved is phenomenal. Here are some of them:

Secure HR portal

This is a critical feature that provides one of the core tasks of the KunbaHr webapp. It actually focuses on storage and management of different business’ documents in a secure location. Interestingly, the business can easily access and retrieve different documents in a flicker of a second thus make quick informed decision that can help reduce the workload. With secure log in credentials, the data and information will remain safe and secure.

Managing Employees’ Learning

The small and mid-size companies experience some challenge when it comes to training and boosting the experience of their employees. KunbaHr webapp has brought an amazing solution by creating a platform where the business can set up courses, allow employees to choose the preferred ones and approve them. The employees can then be offered course reminders for the upcoming programs. This will then be followed by proper tracking of the employees’ performance to ensure they gain the best out of them.

Vacation Track Report and Employees’ Time Tracking

The use of spreadsheets and papers to clear employees who are going for vacation can be time consuming especially trying to access to the required personal information. KunbaHr webapp comes with a great experience that allows such a process to be undertaken in just a couple of minutes. No more hassles at all! Additionally, this webapp can also track the time the employee has been working and give an accurate report of such kind of information. This can indeed absolutely enhance productivity!

Secure and Convenient access

The KunbaHr webapp has adopted a strong platform that comes with secure features meant to boost the overall performance of the app. The login credentials provided in order to access the HR portal ensures that vital information is secure and protected from intruders. On the other hand, KunbaHr is absolutely convenient as it is well-compatible with mobile devices. This implies that the user can have easy access to this webapp anywhere, anytime.

Detailed and Accurate Reports

The ultimate element that will indicate that the business is operating efficiently is the report generated. Actually, KunbaHr webapp has integrated fantastic data features to ensure that the reports are well-configured and presented as required. Interestingly, most of the reports provided are in summary form for quick and easy understanding. Meanwhile, the app also offers individual reports based on employees or departments to understand how each of them is performing.

Employees’ Goals and Reviews

It is clear that employees play a major role in boosting the performance of the business. Being in a position to understand their goals and career objectives can help the business to set up Employee Goals platform and consistently check on them. This will not only give them motivation to achieve such goals but also help them build great confidence in the business. Besides, with the aid of KunbaHr, the business can make different reviews on yearly basis or mid-year to make different adjustments based on employees’ goals.

Here are the Pros and Cons that have been evident in this KunbaHr webapp:


· Absolutely affordable for small and midsize business

· The user platform is quite intuitive

· Really convenient; due to mobility feature

· Great security feature for data protection

· Amazing customer support service in case of queries


· Slowdown in performance if not updated

· Technical glitch experience at times

Final Verdict

Getting a perfect for human resource management software that is cost effective has never been easy for small and mid-size businesses. KunbaHr webapp has been designed to bring a simple and unique human resource experience to its users and ensure that their needs are satisfied in the best way. With great features for tracking employee’s performance, reports generation and HR administration, this proves how this webapp is exceptional. It is time to try out KunbaHr which comes with a free 30-day trial with no need to link credit card! Sign up today and get started!

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