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It is a file sharing social media site that allows users to create custom profiles, organize favourite data, secure private files, and share them on their favourite social media sites.

With this site, data is shared with whomever you want, and through the social channels that you choose. If you want to share a video with a specific group of Facebook friends only, you will be able to get that done right away. It is all a mere matter of picking the group and the channel for the data to be made available to them. And if you choose to share anything will all and sundry, then it will also become listed on the public section of the site for everybody to get it as well.

The profiles can be created free of charge, and they are fully customizable. If you love unicorns and butterflies, you will be able to reflect that. And the same goes for those who have a tattoo of Diego Maradona on their right arms. It will let just anybody share data in a more order way, as users can always determine exactly what is going to be shared and with whom.

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