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Did you know that most of your memberships award you with some privilege and offers? Larky, an app available on iTunes is all set to provide you information about your privileges and perks that you deserve for the membership you have taken. There are hundreds and thousands of organizations which are tied with another one and members from one organization are entitled to receive benefit from the other. It may be in form of discounts, free deals or special schemes but these offers are often unknown to the user. For instance, your credit cards provide you some offers with collaboration to food joints, fitness centers, shopping malls and all such places but you rarely have time to search for the offers and end up paying more when you had chance to get a discounts. With larky this finding becomes easy.

Larky is your one stop destination to find deals and discounts for several membership, and it has all that you deserve. You just need to make it know what memberships you have and it would update you about latest offers and discounts. To add up to your joy, the app also finds when you are near to a store you are entitled to get discount from. You can just enter the store and get the deserved discount.


  • Larky is a one stop dashboard for all your membership offers. It stored all information about discounts that you are entitled to.
  • The app tracks offers from hundreds of organizations may it be fitness centers, food joints, credit cards, charity organizations or any such places. So you are surely going to get a lot of coverage. Even membership of alumni association can be added.
  • The app always updates itself to make you find the latest discounts.
  • You can choose from the categories of parks to make your searching easy. There would be thousands of discounts and offers and to sort them there are categories such as apparel, electronics, entertainment, food and beverage, automotive and education and career.
  • The app does not only tell you about the discounts and perks but also lets you know the place where you can avail the discounts.
  • You can see the map of the place so you can locate the destination quite easily.
  • The app does not ask you to input membership number or any other confidential details. This makes sure that your details are secured.
  • The version 2.1.1 of the app added 300 new associations to their list.
  • It provides timely reminder when you are near to a perk.
  • The sign up process is easy and adding association is easier.
  • The app is compatible to iOS 5.0 or later and takes around 8.2 MB space on your device.

Summary: Larky is an interesting and effective app on iTunes which saves money by letting you know about discounts and perks for your membership, which were unknown to you. You will get timely reminder and would not miss a deal.

Good: It makes your life compact by providing you information about all possible saving options and this app is available free of cost on iTunes.

Bad: No such cons are visible but more association will mean more discounts.

Worth Having Application – Download the Application


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