Laser Pegs for iPad – An App with a Creative Streak

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Holidays are the best part of the year for both adults and young ones. Children of course expect presents from their parents as a part of their holiday celebration, fun and entertainment. The best gift for any child will be toys and games which they are interested in and which is also good for them. It is essential that parents take utmost care when they choose their games and toys for the little ones. Games which help in developing the IQ, creativity and visualization of the child always make great gifts. Laser Pegs is one such fun and innovative game which has been developed and launched by Laser Pegs Venture LLC for the iPad users. The app is compatible with iOS 5.0 and the later versions.

Laser Pegs app is extremely useful when your child has the Laser Peg toy. So, what is a Laser Peg Toy? It is the usual construction toy that you would have seen little ones play with. These Pegs are made out of plastic, but there is a unique quality in this Laser Peg toy which sets it apart from the conventional construction toys. The construction pieces in this unique toy are made in the shape of pipes; kids can connect these pipes to form infinite number of combinations helping them to create different shapes.

Once the pieces are connected from end-to-end, they illuminate when connected to the power source and this is the coolest part of the toy which will win the hearts of all the kids. Laser Pegs is a virtual construction app which is suitable for children irrespective of their age. The app along with the toy is very useful in developing various skills of a child such as their problem solving ability, hand and eye coordination, abstract thinking, visualization, problem solving and the ability to recognize various patterns. The Laser Peg app allows children to create various models in 3D with the help of their iPad and implement the same in the real toy. This is very easy because they can just change any combination with a simple touch. The app also allows the users to purchase the toy if they are not having one currently. The users will be re-directed to the site where they can do their purchase.

Laser Pegs App has the most advanced graphic design and a very pleasant layout. The players can easily create any design with the help of the touch based controls. The players can select a piece which they want to add to the design and when they select the next piece they can just tap on it and it will be instantly added to the diagram. This feature helps the users to create their designs in a convenient manner.


Laser Pegs toy set along with the iPad app is one of the best creative holiday gifts you can give your child. This innovative app is available for free, so all you need to do is download it from the App store and have loads of fun with your designs.

Good – Very creative app.

Bad – Young kids may have difficulty in navigating through the app.

Worth Having Application – Download the Application


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