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by | Aug 4, 2010 | Reviews | 0 comments

Later Bro is the right service for those among you who have an audience to keep engaged on Twitter and Facebook, but who also have a life to deal with. This service will let you schedule both tweets and status updates, and have them published whenever you want.

In this way, if you know that at a certain time you will be busy doing something (IE, attending a party or some social event) then you will still be able to keep an active presence on Twitter or Facebook by having scheduled everything to go live beforehand. Of course, a service like this one has all the inherent limitations that systems for the automatic posting of updates always have, namely that you won’t be able to break any news through it. This will be a problem or not according to what kind of information you usually tweet or post on Facebook, but even when you are known to share the latest news with your friends I think that you’d be able to find a way to maximize an application like Later Bro.


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