The Latest Version Of The Photo Exif checker “Loooks” on iTunes!

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The latest version of the popular application “Loooks” is now available on iTunes. This amazing photo Exif checker comes with a bundle of new features that can effectively fit into every requirement of the photo loving iOS users. Sharing pictures is always the best way to share moments with family and friends, and now with “Loooks” the sharing has become more easy and comprehensive. This photo viewing application offers the users the ability to check the EXIF data of photos taken using the iPhones, iPads or a digital camera.

With the latest “Loooks” you can sort and arrange your pictures in a complete way. With this latest version you can also check taking location in the Map App. In a word, this application fills all the gaps there might have ever been between the pictures and sharing them. The application allows saving camera roll and also offers the tools to create album after you have removed the location information of the pictures recorded. With the help of simple tools you can remove the location info from pictures and separate them into photo albums. Removing the location info from the pictures makes them e-mail, Twitter and Facebook friendly; and you can also send them to other apps as per your requirements with much ease.


  • The application is most effective as a picture EXIF checker and is one of its kinds.
  • This application comes with a number of features to complete the experience.
  • Users can easily remove the location tag from their pictures by using simple tools of the app.
  • Present version of the application running is 1.3.3.
  • The application can be used for photos taken by multiple devices such as iPhone, iPad and even the digital camera.
  • The latest version released on 5th of November is now available on iTunes for download.
  • The software makes an one step solution for storing your pictures in the most share friendly format.
  • The application is presently available in two languages, English and Japanese. So you can pick one according to your choice and suitability.
  • The application has been designed to take minimum space on the memory chip of your gadget. It takes only about 2.0 MB size on the memory card.
  • The utility software requires iOS 6.0 or later to run on the device and comes with easy to use self- annotated tools so that you can have a great experience using the app.
  • The application can run on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The same application for all the three devices supports great portability for your pictures.
  • The application has been specially optimized for running in iPhone 5.
  • The application is available for free. Ad-free paid versions can also be downloaded.

Summary: The latest version of the digital photo EXIF checker “Loooks” is a complete solution for dealing with the location information attached with pictures in a more comprehensive way. This application can be used for viewing and arranging your pictures in a better way.

Good: The application is available for free on iTunes and takes minimum space on the memory chip.

Bad: No bad reports for the application have yet been received.

Worth Having Application : Download the App



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