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Whether it is because of the musicality, charming tones, or softness of the language, French has been named the sexiest language in the world according to an international poll of globetrotters. Loquella LLC now brings this la langue Française to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Learn French by Loquella is an app that lets language enthusiasts learn French on the go. Loquella is designed for both iPhone and iPad and requires iOS 5.1 or later. Loquella employs materials and methods developed by the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) over thirty years ago to teach French language to government officials and diplomats. The app uses guided imitation methodology to teach the language and the drills are designed to help the learner master French!


The French lessons provided by Loquella help users learn the language and reach a level of proficiency that lets them participate in informal and formal discussions. Each lesson starts with a topic introduced in a dialogue and each sentence delves in deeper, introducing new vocabulary and further building around sentences introduced previously. The app is simple to use. Users start by listening to the audio and they see corresponding French text. After repeating out loud whatever they hear, users can choose to listen continuously or move forward manually. Easy navigation options let the user replay audio as many number of times they wish until they master pronunciation.

Guided imitation:The guided imitation methodology is based on the premise that people do not use the exact same variation of common phrases in every context, instead, they adjust their way of speaking to adjust to each individual situation. Loquella helps users master the language and apply it in situations they will run into everyday in a new country.

Basic language dialogs:Loquella uses basic French dialogs as the base of each lesson, and these dialogs are recreations of a combination of situations, sentences, and vocabulary a person is most likely to encounter.

Drills and grammar: The Loquella drills are variations of the basic language dialogs. The patterns of the dialogs are changed and expanded in the drills. The app offers grammar tips to provide explanation of the sentences and phrases. Each drill begins with a basic dialog or sentence, and then extends into different types to offer variations of the basic dialogs and sentences.

Pronunciation:Pronunciation is very important in any language and the Loquella methods heavily focus on imparting proper pronunciation to the learner.


  • No registration required
  • No pictures or games; the app focuses the basic building blocks of language
  • Each purchased lesson takes up between 20 – 40 MB of space
  • Each French lesson is between 100 – 200 minutes long
  • The app includes one free lesson
  • Full Foreign Service Institute Levels (FSI) are ideal for serious language learners


Loquella is a productive language instruction app ideal for those looking to seriously master the language. The methodology is based on Foreign Service Institute Levels (FSI) and offers a proven, highly reputable method for learning French. Loquella also offers Spanish and Chinese language courses. The app can be downloaded for free from the iTunes store and includes first free lesson. It is definitely worth a try.

Good: An easy good way to learn French on the go. Simple design and pleasant layout.

Bad: None.

Worth Having Application : Download the App



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