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The internet is great, isn’t it? Think of any skill… there’s probably a place online you can go to learn it. The issue is that learning a new skill often involves a lot of wasted time, sitting through an eternity of ads while you watch video tutorials or wading through blog posts full of questionable advice. Skills Co – available to download on iOS – promises to take away the guesswork and time wasting when learning new skills.

The website and app feature around 500 unique categories, spanning every topic or industry you could possibly think of. From beauty to business and culinary to cultural, the platform is set to become the largest skills marketplace online. It’s like the “Netflix for skills”, allowing users to access on-demand courses created by professionals at an affordable price. It’s never been easier to pick up a new hobby, develop a talent or improve your career by learning in-demand skills.

For pros, Skills Co is promising generous payouts, letting course creators keep 90% of their profits, minus a processing fee, for just $10 per month. If you’re a professional in your field and have something to teach, Skills Co is a fantastic platform to generate some passive income and give you more financial freedom. For some up-front effort you can reap the benefits for a long time, as more users enrol and take your course.

If you already make how-to videos on YouTube – or you want to – Skills Co can help to monetize your audience more effectively than just relying on advertising revenue. By sending your viewers who like your YouTube video to your Skills Co page, where they’ll find a structured video course to teach them everything they need, you’re turning each view into a potential sale. Even if 1 in 25 people decide to enrol in your course, it’s likely to generate more money than relying on traditional YouTube monetization.

The platform is quickly growing thanks to its wide-reaching range of categories and generous payouts for course creators, so if you’re thinking about signing up to learn or to earn, now is a great time!

Available to download now on iOS, or visit their website www.skills-co.com


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