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Android platform has rendered its technical hand in presenting some of the most useful apps in the world and the varied range of apps have solved different problems related to day to day work life and hobbies. Today, you can do a lot of things with the technical apps on play store and with the new app Ezcomma you can even improve your English skills. The app is simple, easy to understand and it will improve your grammatical knowledge to certain extent. Presented by David B. Tick, this app can work as your English tutor and make you a better writer from all perspective.

Ezcomma has made learning fun and addictive with its new format of teaching where you can learn the placement of comma, semicolons and other signs while combining two sentences or parts of sentences. There are different lessons available in the free app which will make you more powerful with your written English and you can also use the app as a reference whenever you are writing something. The review section of the app is really quite interesting and helpful. You can take a pre-test and a post-test with the review section and determine how much you have improved in the language. The effort required in this app is negligible while the fun you get out of it is unlimited.


  • Ezcomma is an app of punctuations which will improve your written English to certain extent.
  • The app is known for its simplicity. Everything in the app is explained with simplicity so that it becomes easy to implement.
  • The app can be used as a reference whenever you are writing something in English.
  • Mr. EZComma is your teacher in the app and every lesson is presented visually in order to make it look eye catching. At the same time, it makes the app easy to remember.
  • The app comes with a background music which goes on while you are learning a lesson. The music is soothing and will not disturb you.
  • It is your choice if you want to keep the music on or mute it.
  • The app is good for people who have average knowledge of English and looking forward to developing their writing style.
  • You can take a pre-test to check your skill before you start with the app. The review section has it.
  • Once you finish going through the app, take a post test to determine how much you have learnt.
  • The app requires android version 2.2 or later.
  • The free app can be downloaded on any android device and it will take only 8.5 MB space on the device.

Summary: Ezcomma is a grammar and punctuation app which helps one develops his or her writing style with ease. The app is simple to use and it takes minutes to learn.

Good: The review section is the most useful part of the app as it will help you check your improvement.

Bad: There is nothing bad reported about the app as of now.

Worth Having Application –  Download the App


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