Lectures Scanner : A One-stop App for Document Scanning

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Now every student’s or professional’s dream to take notes without really writing or knowing short hand has come true. Lectures Scanner is the awesome app that makes a portable document scanner. All you have to do is click the document, mark the boundary of the text and scan it. It is so easy to use that it has options to transfer the documents directly to any storage device or email it or post it on social networking websites.

Lectures Scanner may sound specific to lectures or seminars. But in reality, the developers at Stoik have come up with this hard-to-think-of idea that makes life simpler and this world a better place. Yes! It definitely reduces paper consumption, thus going green. This app has been created keeping in mind the usage requirements of Gen Y by providing the ability to share these documents on the web or cloud or directly with friends. This feature is highly futuristic since it can support digital classrooms and computerized teaching methods.

Functionality highlights

  • Document photos can be either clicked on the spot or existing photos can be imported for scanning
  • Additional functionality to process batch photos is available
  • There are too many options as document enhancements like black on white board, light on black board, business cards, receipts etc.
  • The document is converted into pdf document in two steps. The document photo is first subjected to cropping of the required text and the cropped photo is saved as a jpg file, which is again converted into a pdf file
  • As a pdf document, there are advanced filter options like brightness/contrast, invert colors, to grayscale that helps us create official documents on the go
  • The document photo, to be taken, can be chosen to be either landscape or portrait
  • It requires Android 2.2+ and consumes a minimal space of just 3. 5MB of disk space


Lectures Scanner makes your smart phone, your mobile scanner. As a pdf creation tool, it also provides additional legibility to documents that are blurry and of poor quality. As an added bonus, this tool can also create watermarked official documents. Just in case you want to combine two documents, you can use the merge provision and save it as a single document.


Although, the app itself proclaims novelty, sometimes, it takes a long time to click the pictures since the camera filters out pure image files. Due to this, at times, the app shuts down abruptly. Despite this inconvenience of slow response time, this app has created a revolution in application software and this seems to be only the beginning.


The developers are so true to their jobs and this can be seen in the physical look of the app. As soon as you click on the icon, the start-up screen consists of two options – Camera and New Document. The interface is designed in such a way that it gives an executive feel, with absolutely no space for flowery functions. This app is highly useful for professional people in the education and media domains. Want to experience the beginning of the futuristic era? Here try Lectures Scanner!

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