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When it comes to document management these days, it may be hard to go ahead and make it accessible to everyone if you’re dealing with bookkeeping or accounting in your business or workplace. Dropbox just isn’t an option anymore if you have limits to what you can upload. If you really want to keep your information secure and accessible to certain people, you need LedgerDocs. The people at Ledger Docs are accountants and Bookkeepers themselves, so they know exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to a web application that will never crash because it needs no installation on your computer. Computers tend to get slow with so much data on them, so companies are recurring to websites where they can easily look for their accounts and have them all safe in one place.

Before we get to the pricing options, let’s look at the features that you get from Ledger Docs so that you can compare them with any other service that you may be interested in. When it comes to storage, anything from cheques, bank statements, deposit bills and slips can be easily stored and seen instantly on Ledger Docs. The layout of this website looks as organized as if you had folders on your computer with all the data, without the memory build-up that tends to slow computers down. Storing and uploading takes only seconds and all popular formats are easily accepted. You can upload in PDF, Word, Excel and JPG instantly. Other people who have access to the account will instantly see what you upload, which is much easier than scheduling a meeting to exchange documents.

Emails aren’t that great to read anymore, especially when they’re dull looking and are not really personalized at all. Looking at the documents through a colorful and organized website will make work a little more bearable in those days where you just want to go home. If you are a person that tends to lose receipts for taxes, Ledger Docs was made to help. With Ledger Docs, you can easily scan the receipt with your mobile phone and it will be saved within the application, which you can later open on your computer. This feature is great for companies who send people on business trips and require every receipt they get, and the receipts list can be pretty big.

If you want to type in notes for your bookkeeper or accountant, you can easily do so from your mobile phone without having to use your phone to dial the number or even send and email. The point of this application is to make things easy, fast and to keep you going wherever you’re working. One thing is sharing your files around and another thing is having everyone looking at it. Ledger Docs provides security by conceding or revoking rights with just the click of a button. All documents are SSL secured, which means that it makes it harder for them to be cracked if someone is looking for classified information. Daily Backups are easily recorded on the application, which pretty much make it easier to recover files if anything happens. Ledger Docs is currently in Beta version, so companies have free access, or a free trial for only sixty days. This will be enough for companies to see if they would pay for this app and suggest changes that will make the app better for everyone. No credit card information is required up front and companies can cancel at anytime if they don’t like the service. Most websites only give you a month to try out their website, so take advantage of the time you have.

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