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Do you want to reach your goals and fulfill all the needs of your life without bothering you? Well, who doesn’t? Traditionally, people used to get loans by lending their gold, property papers, etc. But, that was very risky in some cases. However, we live in the 21st century and as there are more technologies, so as the needs of people. They have become very demanding which includes children as well as the older generation. But, fulfilling all the requirements for some people is not their cup of tea. Am I right? So what should a normal audience do? They apply for loans to reach their goals. They go to the financial institutes such as Banks or any other Credit card companies. But, do they get what they want? So whatever may be the answer, I’ll suggest a new app for taking loans which is totally hassle free!

Lendify is the best marketplace for loans in Sweden. It’s the number 1 peer to peer lending platform. The website operates a marketplace platform that connects borrowers with the investors without involving the banks or credit card companies. Isn’t it cool? You know why Lendify is the best marketplace for loans? It has lent more than 1 billion SEK to the borrowers since 2014. Seriously, it is a great achievement!

To start with Lendify, just browse it’s official website and SignUp there and you’re good to go. Choose your loan plan and borrow money. The return of loans depends on the borrowers’ credit ratings and the payback period of the loans. Investors carry the credit risk and are not covered by the Swedish government deposits guarantee. 

The process of calculating the return after you take a loan is very simple. For examples the return is calculated as the average of all the investors’ return divided by their total lending at the end of the current month. There are other options than savings account with little or almost no interest, and the unpredictable stock market. Lendify makes it possible to utilize the business model of traditional banks by investing capital in personal loans to creditworthy borrowers and get 4-6% in yearly return.   

Lendify offers you an established type of asset with a stable history and predictable credit losses. So you are always at no risk! It also offers you a new type of loan for the borrowers. Yes, it cuts out the middle men and bypasses many of the traditional banking costs. It also provides great rates for the borrowers. 

Overall, Lendify provides great rates for the borrowers. It offers a complete digital application process, which is fast, transparent and flexible. Moreover, Lendify rewards which lowers the borrower’s interest rate when you pay back the money on time in its unique loyalty program.

So go for it and try it at least once and introduce it to others!

Pros: largest marketplace for loans in Sweden; provides so many facilities; rewards with a lower return rate; simple to use software; borrowing money made easy; connects investors with borrowers; doesn’t involve banks or any credit card company. 

Cons: not found.

Worth Having WebApp – Try Lendify Today


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