LEO Privacy Guard – A Friend You Can Count On

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Today we have an app in our court for review that has already been downloaded more than 50 million times and still counting. So we know that it’s good at what it does, but how it is different from others is what we’re going to find out. LEO Privacy Guard, you must have heard the name before. If you haven’t, then it’s an Android app that protects your phone from intruders.

Now there are many ways an intruder can infiltrate into your personal territory. He might be a friend of yours who is looking for a picture of the girl you went on a date with last night or it can be an unknown face that gets into your phone when you’re connected to an unsecured Wi-Fi connection. In any case, something you don’t want to share with others gets exposed and it doesn’t matter if the intention is criminal or not, it’s against your wish.

So what LEO privacy Guard does is that it gives you a one-password solution for everything. So whether you want to lock your apps or you want to hide your private pictures/videos or you want to add some numbers to your private contact list, all you need to remember is the pattern you draw for the first time when you enter the app. But in any case, if you forget the pattern, you can also keep a secret question for recovery purposes.

Now let’s come to the features: the list is very long. With LEO Privacy Guard, you can lock multiple apps at the same time, you can securely use public Wi-Fi, you can take snapshots of people who’re trying to open app without your permission and you can find your lost phone. Coming to the last one, this app gives you the privilege to remotely control your phone even after it gets lost and once the new SIM is entered, you can also locate its coordinates. So no more do you need to remember the IMEI number of your handset.

LEO Privacy Guard gives a safe closet where you can keep any secret of yours with assurance that no one would be able to get inside. So either it’s a picture of your girlfriend or a video that’s not supposed to go outside your friends’ circle, this is the best place to hide them. Also, you can create your own private contacts list that would be off-the-record for everybody else. So receive messages and make as many calls as you want without leaving behind the slightest of clue to trace back.

There are some additional features such as system optimizer, data monitor, battery indicator, etc that can prove beneficial at times. But overall, I’d say that LEO Privacy Guard is a simple to use app ensures your phone is safe, even when it’s not in your hands.

The app is available for free in the App Store.

Pros: one password for all; hide photos/videos; add contacts to private list; remotely control your lost phone; Wi-Fi security; lock apps; free.

Cons: none.

Worth Having App – Download the App


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