Leo Privacy Guard- Must Have Android App

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Leo Privacy Guard is one of the must have apps that one should try at least once.It is now very easy to maintain privacy and avoid unauthorized use of your phone.There are various mind blowing features available such as app locker and gallery hider where one can hide data and applications .One of my favorite feature is the app cover.With the help of app cover no one is able to identify the icon of your app or you can set error messages for the unauthorized users.These errors look like genuine ones,although they are fake.It confuses the user and he stop trying to open that app.Various other features include message lock where one can lock their private conversations.with it one can recover the free space for faster use of the phone.

We can monitor the data usage and set the usage limit for data as per our requirements and data plans.It comes with different language option .One can select the language as per his preference and convenience .Once you installed it makes operation of your phone very smooth.it is like install and forget. With Leo Privacy Guard one can feel the power of his device.There is also the option of pattern lock which allows user to lock his/her phone in different patterns.

These patterns makes look unlocking very smooth and stylish along with providing protection to your phone.there also another option which allows you to put a number lock.you can put any number of your choice as your password make your phone safe.Or you can apply both pattern and number lock.one can also activate anti theft on his phone.This feature enables the owner to track the phone in case if it ever get stolen.This is a very handy feature and very easy to operate.Just enter your details and activate anti theft ,forget about all your problems related to your phone.Tasks like locking your contacts or sensitive data was never so easy.Just go to the mobile store and search Leo Privacy Guard .Hit the download button and BINGO! there you go.

There are various themes available which users can select according to their requirement.these themes helps you personalize your Leo Privacy Guard.I am using it for last one year and i found this particular app very useful and handy .Before using this app i was always having problem regarding the privacy of my phone but now i can give my phone to any of my friend without the risk of sensitive data being seen by them.It keeps your data very arranged so that you can access it any time you need.One should give this app at least a try.Then only one can analyze the potential of this powerful app.So once again i must say that if you want your phone safe and protected along with maintaining your privacy,this is the app you should go for.Just go to Play store and download this powerful app.

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