LEO Privacy Guard: Save Your Sensitive Data

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The LEO Privacy Guard app for iPhone is one of the best new apps on the market today. It is essential to anyone who has important personal data on their devices, professionals who have sensitive client information stored on their phones and even for adults who require that little bit of extra privacy in their lives. The app helps protect your phone from prying eyes, lingering fingers, and stolen information. It also allows you to customize the way you protect your device with a series of finger print scans, Dot Locks, or passcodes. Its handy tools and user friendly interface are a major step up from other privacy apps which, in my professional opinion, are a waste of time. The LEO Privacy Guard for iPhone has too many great features to mention in this article so let’s focus on the ones I felt were best for me.

Personally, I think that the app locking feature is the best. As a parent of two children under the age of five years old, this is a life saver. I can use LEO Privacy Guard to lock any app(s) of my choice; particularly my banking, social media, and EBAY. My children love to play with my iPhone and look at the pictures, play the games, and make videos. Having the ability to lock certain apps gives me peace of mind when I see them playing with my device. Others may prefer this feature to protect their social media accounts from their partner, parent, or even from friends.

The second feature I really like from the LEO Privacy Guard App is the timed lock option. This lets me choose the apps I wish to lock from other users (like my kids) and then set a timer as to when the apps will be locked and when they will unlock. I know, sounds like an unnecessary feature. But without it, I would have to remember to lock my apps each and every day, and then unlock them again later each evening. By setting the timer, it’s like setting a reoccurring alarm. I wake up, my apps lock, my kids can play with my iPhone, and then my apps unlock for my convenience once they are in bed.

The last feature that made my top three favorite in the LEO Privacy Guard App is the protection and privacy it provides me for sensitive data such as credit card info, client names and phone numbers, passwords, photos, videos and files. You can create a Safe Box with a privacy setting of your choice; finger print scan, password, etc. Once your Safe Box is created you can then swiftly move any data you wish to it. No one can view or access what’s inside the Safe Box without knowing your unique password. As a small business owner with many contacts and personal information to protect, I feel a little better knowing that I have that option with this app.

All in all, the LEO Privacy Guard App is an essential tool for anyone who has anything to hide or protect; from incriminating photos to credit card info. The app has tons of great features and options to help you customize your privacy settings and it’s free to download.

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