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In order to keep track of all the extremely talented employees at your amazing company isn’t an easy task. So this application made it easy to integrate multiple users into every project. That way, you can see how much everyone is working on any project, or across a number of different projects.

As a freelancer your time is how you make money. So you must be diligent in tracking and billing for these hours. Even the minor lapses in time tracking will cost you thousands at the end of the year. It is possible not only track your time but record what you accomplished during those times. You can track what your team is doing and what hours they’re billing. It is possible to monitor your team’s progress without over communication and distractions.

There is provision that many times freelancers will join together and work on a project. So by this application it has the ability for each member to pay for own usage of the app or pay for a whole time.

There are no more sticky notes, no more cluttered spreadsheets. It tracks your work in real time, so you never have to estimate how many hours you worked. Simply click to start a project, and then stop it when you’re done.

You can first create a report in LessTimeSpent and find out how much time your developer spent on that project in the past 13 days. You can also generate reports by user, by project, or over any time period. You can even send invoices from a report you just generated.

Review of Lesstimespent.com

  1. Simple time tracking solution.
  2. It tracks your work in real time, so you never have to estimate how many hours you worked.
  3. How far it is useful for the freelancers?

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