Let the Cat in Free- Time to Rack Your Brains and Save the Cat

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Let the Cat in Free is an iOS app developed by Eforb Games, released on June 06, 2014. It is an interesting and challenging game where you got to use your skills at each stage to solve problems with a variety of tools. Each stage is diverse and unique with a different solution. To find this solution, you must analyze the clues from the current and previous stages. Completion of the current stage will unlock the next one for you.

The name of the game comes from a very catchy storyline. A small adorable kitten went out for a walk in the rain, dreaming about fish. She was met, however, by cold harsh violent winds. Hence, she decided to return to the safety of her home. Bad luck struck then as she realized that she was unable to open the door on her own. Your aim as a player is to remove all obstacles and ‘Let the Cat In’. It would indeed be cruel to leave it waiting outside in this harsh weather.

If the first solution that occurred to you was to walk up and simply open the door using your hands, the game gets much more complex than that. There is a puzzle built of shelves, pulleys, balls, and a couple of other tricky objects. These obstacles will bar you from opening the door. To unlock it, you have to cleverly release the ball, which in turn must first collect the stars. Once you collect all the stars, you can then open the door with ease.

The game has a lot of excitement in store for you. There is a collection of 120 different levels, spread over 3 doors. To open the second two doors, you have to collect sufficient points in the first stage. Alternately, you can visit the App Store for in-app purchases to help you with the same. With the progressing levels, the level of difficulty also gets harder. Once you begin, you are sure to stay engaged for a few days on end.

While the puzzles steal away the show, the other aspects of the app back it up to make this app worth playing. The graphics are vibrant, clear, colorful and sharp. If played on a small screen, the graphics might not show to the best of their capacity. Also, the screen might get cluttered due to the presence of numerous items. A larger screen will result in beautiful true colors and excellent graphics nonetheless.

There are many achievements that you can explore too. One of the interesting ones is concerned with your social activity on Facebook. If you post a lot on Facebook, then this one is just for you. Also, you can select your cat among 10 unique adorable cats from the in-app purchases. To sum it up, the game will have you racking your brains with its challenging puzzles and the simple gameplay will keep you addicted and engaged for longer than you can imagine. Available for free, Let the Cat in Free requires iOS 7.0 or higher on your iOS device.

Good: Challenging puzzles, solid gameplay

Bad: None

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