Let Sense, Sense Your Banking Needs

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Money matters, it actually does. The life has become so fast these days that we don’t have enough time to run to the banks and manage our financial chores. With the initiation of mobile banking and smartphone, things have become quite efficient as well as easy. Mobile banking gives the chance to check balance, transfer money and do other basic things.

Managing your financial profile through banking apps that stay updated is easier than running to the bank every now and then. These apps not only help people transfer money to other account holders but can be quite a lucrative option while it comes to paying utility bills and making credit card payment. Everything is done in some clicks but what makes the difference is the navigation. Sense is one app that has made navigation easy in the banking apps. The app is provided by Alfa Bank which is one of the topmost banks in Europe with over $43.6B asset.


The customer base of Alfa Bank is so vivid that there needs to be an app that can tackle the varied requirement of the customers while spending minimum time on navigation and shorting. That is why Sense is made. It is an app that personalizes the user experience by providing the most used option on screen. So whatever is your priority will be shown on the main screen so that you can make easy transaction. Sense changes the interface in every 30 minutes depending on the user statistics. This is fast and efficient too, the app keeps changing with time.

Most of the account holders with smartphone use banking apps on their device. This is irrespective on the technology, android, iOS or windows. It is thus important to present them with something that will be beneficial for long term usage. The mobile banking sector has recorded a growth of 33% in the last two years and it is expected to grow even more in the coming years.

The app in question is going to be launched next week with varied range of features including fund transfer, beneficiary addition, utility payment and more. Stay tunes to enjoy the best banking app experience.

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