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Working in a high stress environment will take away a lot from your life, especially if you will need to communicate regularly with your colleagues. It would be very stressful to walk to their cubicle or room if you would need something from them. This is where letsdisk.us comes into play. With letsdisk.us (sounding very similar to “Lets Discuss”), you will be able to communicate using just the intranet over your computer easily.

Intranet is a computer network which utilizes IP numbers and technologies to facilitate information sharing and other things amongst the company. This is vastly different from the Internet, where business and information are conducted and shared respectively over the World Wide Web. If you and your colleagues/employees adopt letsdisk.us as their primary source of information sharing, news can be shared almost instantaneously amongst the staff. What you discuss and place over the intranet will be protected by SSL connections, meaning that hackers will find it hard to access those files.

For example, if you will need to notify them about where and when the next meeting is going to be held, letsdisk.us can be used. If you are unable to make it, you can comment on that post about you being unavailable. This is characteristically similar to Facebook, but it is protected by the privacy and safety of the intranet network where info will not be leaked out so easily.

Another great use of letsdisk.us is the ability to share documents within the intranet. Important documents or articles can be uploaded and be viewed and downloaded by colleagues quickly to maximize efficiency. It can be also used as a backup place in the unfortunate event where your hard disk crashes.

Discussion is of the utmost importance in any working environment and letsdisk.us will allow everyone in the intranet to discuss, with a discussion board for you. You will no longer need to gather opinions manually about the next place to hold a celebration when you are using letsdisk.us to increase productivity.

Pricing is a big concern for many and Letsdisk.us allows you and your company to use it free of charge as long as you are within the limit of 25 members in it. If you want to exceed the limit of 25 members, you may contact their company which will work out a deal with you which is not bad as you can get to experience letsdisk.us firsthand before you decide to expand it out to the whole conglomerate. You will also get 1000 MB of free disk storage, great for burgeoning companies and there are no fair use policies, meaning greater freedom inside of your intranet.

However, letsdisk.us will be very hard for people who are out constantly to use. They do not have an Android or iOS app, meaning that it will be more difficult for those who rush sales outside of the company to grasp of what is going on inside using letsdisk.us.


  • Allows discussion and transferring of documents over the Intranet
  • Free for intranets which have less than 25 members


  • Hard for those who frequently go out of the company to keep in touch using it

Visit this site at https://www.letsdisk.us and post your reviews as comments.


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