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We all have plenty of opportunities and occasions in our lifetimes that call for celebrations. And life is all about celebrating happy moments, even if it just meeting an old friend or going to a movie. But when you share those celebrations with others, you are making them happy about it too. That is exactly what the ‘LifeTimes of Celebrations’ Android App is all about. Creating reminders about those little as well as bigger moments that are worth celebrating. This app lets you add as many occasions you want to your reminder list.

Events to Choose From
This is a very simple and easy-to-use app with a blank home screen and a plus sign to start adding your events. In the list, you can find various event types such as birthday, anniversary, festivals, personal achievements, workouts, etc. You can give a name to your event and be as descriptive as you want so others know what it is all about. Once you choose the event, you can set the date and time when it is going to occur.
Track Your Events
Every event is added as a milestone in your life and you can track it by years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and even seconds. So it gives you a picture of precise time left for your next milestone. You can add photos relevant to that event and even add more details about it. Once done, you can share that with your friends directly on your Facebook page. So your friends can know what each time you have achieved a milestone.
Cherish Your Best Moments
The ‘LifeTimes of Celebrations’ app stores all your events and milestone details so you can just open it review all your achievements over the past years. You can really feel proud of your achievements and get the sense of accomplishment in life. Whether it a start of a new relationship, a new career, a car, house and even when you get married, every single event in your life can be easily managed with this app.
In this app, you can check how much more time is left for your upcoming events. So you can prepare for those celebrations ahead of time and stay motivated knowing that there are happy times coming up.
It has a tracking feature that lets you track every important moment such as the day when you proposed your girl. It not just reminds you of the date but the precise hour, minute and seconds so you can add more value to your celebration.
You will also get alerts about where you met your girl and even the time when you met based on your specific timezone. So after a month, you are unlikely to forget the details about every little but important thing that happened that day. Of course, you need to add them yourself in the first place.
In a nutshell, this app is great for creating and tracking all your happier moments in your lifetime. It is user-friendly and most importantly, the app is free to download and use.
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