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Travel can be a hectic experience, especially when going abroad on a family vacation. Not only does it become a pain to miss out on all the fun while keeping track of your expenses, your holiday plan may turn out to be heavier on your pocket than you imagined. Not only expenses, many find it difficult to meticulously stick to their travel itinerary if they are even able to plan one themselves. Travel budget apps come as a savior for the woes of regular travelers. Travel Budget app developed for iPhone by Gerasimov Philipp is a fascinating addition to the list which abounds in the sheer number of features it has.


Travel Budget App lets you plan your personal and business travel expenses on the move. It helps track all expenses, whether it be a dinner at a local restaurant or even tips in a convenient fashion and is meant solely for use during your travel. Not only expenses, it offers a wide range of currencies in which the expenses can be tracked.



  • Travels can be added along with a name, description, geolocation, duration, budget, change of currency and the category of travel- whether business of personal.
  • Main budget can be subdivided into categories so that a specific amount can be allocated for each part of the travel. These are both preset and customized.
  • If and when they occur, you can keep adding expenses to the budget, specifying the date, time, geolocation, description or whether anyone else was accompanying you.
  • Up to 3 images and receipts each can be added for each expense.
  • Expenses are sorted category wise, date wise and as single entries for easy modification and check.
  • Expenses once added, can be modified later or even deleted.
  • The currency specified in the expenses can be changed at any point according to the most recent currency exchange rate.
  • For foreign travels, currency exchange rates are updated in a dynamic manner and about 88 different choices of currency are available.
  • The entire expense statement along with images and receipts can be saved in *.csv or *.pdf format.
  • The files containing the details of the expenses can be e-mailed.
  • The expenses can be printed directly from the iOS device.
  • Travel Budget App Version 1.1 takes up 2.4 MB and is available in English and Russian.
  • The interface is ergonomically designed for maximum user comfort.
  • It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, requiring iOS 6.1 or later.

Good: The incredible number of features in the app, the large number of currencies available and detailed logs help make up a meticulously planned budget.

Bad: It is difficult to understand at first and a detailed manual is necessary for making optimal use of the app.

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