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Everyone is busy these days including the kids. When we have so many things going on simultaneously in our life it is very common to forget one thing or the other. In order to plan our day-to-day activities and keep things under control, we make lists for each and every activity, for e.g., grocery list, holiday shopping list, list of the tasks to be completed before the deadline and it goes on and on. Lists help us to keeps things organized and to clean up the clutter caused by lack of organization. A list which is created with participation from others who have the experience in the activity or someone who is willing to share their experience is always beneficial. Listnerd is the first social media website which encourages people’s interaction and involvement in the creation of collaborative lists. Each and every member can get opinions from a worldwide audience who are passionate and helpful. Listnerd was founded by Erling Loken Anderson – a microbrew fanatic. The company is based in United States.

Features is like having the trip advisor’s help and guidance for almost everything. The user has to first sign up in listnerd and there are couple of ways to do this. The user can use their existing Facebook or Twitter login information to create an account or they can also create a non-social account. The sign-up process is very simple, users need to provide their name, e-mail, date of birth and select a password. Now, you can create a new list or explore the lists that already exist in website. There are four steps for creating a list – they are basic steps, selecting the settings, choosing the styling and step 4 is advanced settings.

Step 1 – Basic Stuff

The user has to give a name to the list and describe what the list is about, selecting the category under which the user wants to place the list (for e.g. Animals and Nature, Cars and Info, Food & Drinks, Travel, Sports, Music etc. There are 21 categories under which a user can create / explore the lists.), selecting public or private mode.

Step 2 – Settings

Here the users can select their voting system, who is allowed to contribute to their list, who can vote and the time limit for voting.

Step 3 – Styling

Things like header image and list illustration can be setup at this stage.

Step 4 – Advanced Stuff

Here the user can customize their lists by adding specific fields, pictures for each item and more.

The users can now add the items to their list and gather the opinion of other members and log in their comments at the same time. The lists created can be easily managed with the help of filters, one click sorting of data and they can also check on the number of votes received for their list.

Summary: is a very useful and interactive way to create and manage lists. The involvement and the interaction from other people make the activity more fun and entertaining.

Good – Simple and very easy to use.

Bad – Can include other features such as book marking, favorite lists etc.

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