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If you are a football fan and looking for a reliable app to keep you up to date with everything going on with your favorite football club when you are not able to stream or watch the match live then this app might just be perfect for you. The Live Football Stats And Scores application covers football teams from over 35 countries across the world. It does not matter if you are anywhere in the U.S., South America, Canada, Central America, anywhere in Europe and even in Asia, you will be able to access the Live Football Stats And Scores application from the iOS app store. The app can be viewed in English and Spanish.

The good thing about this app is that you get what you see, it does not have any hidden in-app purchases and is absolutely free to download from the app store. You will receive up to the minute updates for any football match you are interested in bu can’t watch it live.

sbat1Once you download the app, click on the icon and you will be at the main screen of the app. from the main screen you will be able to access the live scores option. It offers you the live scores of every match currently being played. The second option on this screen you will see is In Play. This option gets you all the games which are currently in the play. In this screen you will be able to compare the teams, stats and a clean side by side comparison with Goals, red cards, yellow cards, substitutions, corners and recent form of both teams in which you will be able to compare the previous 5 or 10 or even the whole season’s results to better understand the form the teams are in which is very convenient for those looking to get predictions for forecasting.

sbat2The available stats are something each and every football fan is interested in, because not only you can compare the previous results but you will also be able to analyse how well or poorly both the teams did against each other and even the other opponents which can help a football fan paint a picture of how the teams do against the “smaller teams” and the “big boys”.


1) Easy to use.

2) You will be able to follow any football game live with more than 35 countries covered in the app.

3) Easy access to all the relevant stats during the game for all the hardcore football fans.

4) Shows you what kind of form the teams playing right now have been with their previous results.

5) Free to download and no hidden in app purchases as well.


1) Unable to favorite or tag a particular team in order to follow the team automatically.

2) There is no app that will give you live updates as it happens so there is a 1-2 minute delay on the updates. (Which you will experience in any other similar application).

To sum it up, if you are a football fan and wish to stay connected with all the live matches if you are unable to access any live stream or TV and even if you want the detailed in game stats you should definitely give this app a go.

Worth Having app – Download the App


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